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they literally call every famous white woman a feminist these days. a white female celebrity could literally say “i am not a feminist”… and they’ll still be writing headlines like "her rejection of feminism is true feminism… how *insert basic white celebrity here* became a feminist icon"


Frankly, the mischaracterization of the glorious Mrs. Huxtable as “benign” and “reassuring” turned me into an angry black woman. One of Clair’s most admirable qualities — something I took notice as a child growing up in the early ’90s — was that she never bit her tongue. Her ability to express her frustration with the world and slay anyone in an argument, including her husband, her children and any person who disagreed with her views of the world, was aspirational. And seeing this vocal and sharp portrayal of a black woman and TV mother on primetime was revolutionary.

—from my latest essay, In Defense of Clair Huxtable & the Angry Black Woman In TV & Beyond

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